Monday, May 13, 2013

A Young Girl's Thoughts on Flying.


I'm not so special.

I mean, I have my finer moments, but you wouldn't know that from just looking at me.

You wouldn't know that I fully believe that Imagine Dragons is a gift from heaven from just a glance.

You'd probably never guess that I'm an avid smoothie maker/adorer when you pass me on the street.

And most likely, you wouldn't guess that I'd decided to put everything that makes my life familiar and comfortable on hold to move to a place that I've never been to solely to talk to people I've never met and tell them about my story--and more importantly, Somebody else's story that has effected every choice I make. That knowing what I know and living how I strive to live brings an exquisite joy, and how coming to that same knowledge about what He has done for them can change their lives as well.

It's crazy how much a single choice can affect a life. Big ones, small ones. They all have the same consequence upon many, many souls.

So ya, I'm only 18. Soon to be 19. Going out into the world all by myself into the world for the very first time in 3 months.

But goodness. Come what may, I'm going. I'm going to that place that I've never been to to talk to anybody who will listen to me about our Lord and Savior and how they can be happier after hearing what I've got to say.

Because there is not a single thing that I believe more fully, not a thing that has captured my heart with more rapture. Nothing that could be of more worth to so many people, as well as myself.

Just watch me.