Friday, August 23, 2013

So this week has been craaaaaaaazy! (Don't ever do laundry in the MTC if you can avoid it. People let Satan into their hearts down there, I've decided.)

We taught a lady in the TRC (Teaching Resource Center) who was raised in Venezuela and had 5 kids...very Catholic. However, when I told her aaaaall about how my dad was raised Catholic, and that he had been baptized into The LDS Church, it opened the conversation up quite nicely :)  Our second time with her we decided to talk about prayer, and found out that she hadn't prayed since she was a child. She said that the rote prayers lost their meaning to her pretty quickly. I was able to tell her about my experiences with prayer and how it has helped my mother, which she liked to hear about. She actually ended up saying the closing prayer! It was so awesome.

I have about a billion stories to tell, and no time to do it. Friends, write me snail mail instead if you could! (see address below)
I got really sick this week (I now use my hand sanitizer religiously) and had to go to the health clinic. The doctor tested me neg. for strep, which is good, and prescribed me some ibuprofen and a decongestant that has saved my life. I still feel really dizzy though. I have no idea why. Prayers, please :)  

Also, I have a new companion! Sister Hutto is from Dallas, Texas, and was delayed a week due to medical issues. Teaching in a trio is quite the trick, let me tell you. However, when you eventually DO get it down, the miracles are plentiful. We taught one of the most amazing lessons ever the other night in our little trio and it totally boosted my spirits.We are so blessed to have her :) She's leaving us Monday morning, though, to head to the Fort Collins, Colorado Mission. So sad. However, me and Sister Williams are terribly happy that she is going now instead of having to wait another week. Me and Sister Williams are going to be leaving Monday night, and our flight leaves at 1:00 am. Loverly.

Have a wonderful week and I'll write again soon!

(From WV...Eeep!)
Mission Home Address:
888 Oakwood Rd, Ste 310
Charleston, WV 25314-2071

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meaghan's First Email from the MTC:
Heeeeey there. It's P-day, or, as I like to refer to it, yoga pants day.

Anywho, my adventures have been grand. I got a beautiful new blister from running on Tuesday and Wednesday morning (gotta shake the stress away) and then when I got to the MTC, it popped. And hurt. A lot. I stopped at the bookstore with my host (the sister that showed me the way to my room and stuff) and got some Vaseline and a Band-Aid. I fixed myself up as best as I could, and then hobbled on over to my first class. When I got there, I met all my new classmates, who urged me to remove my shoe to ensure that I would be more comfortable. We then realized that I was in the wrong classroom.
And that, my friend, is the story of how I showed up to my first class minus one shoe, plus one giant blister, and with a fabulous new strut (i.e. limp).

I'm so classy.
On another note, my companion's name is Sister Williams and I pretty much love her to death. She's from Texas, but she's a tiny little thing so in this case, we really can't say that everything is bigger in Texas. I just got assigned to be the senior companion, which means that for now, I am the Doctor and she is my companion. A metaphor that she gets because she is a Whovian as well :) Proof that the Lord knows me and wants me to be happy! She is more on the reserved side, and me with my much more outgoing self gets toned down a bit when we are together. Which is always. So that makes life just grand :) We go on many adventures...meaning we get lost a lot and make the best of it, haha. We are both really happy to be one another's companions', in any case. She has been patient with me, and I have been the friend that she has needed for her first few days here.

Oh! So we were studying in a little alcove that we found close by our classroom yesterday and a man that works here comes up to me and says:

"Hi Sisters! Can you do me favor?"


"I have a girl in there that's auditioning to be an 'investigator' for missionaries to practice teaching on in the TRC and we need to see how she interacts with the missionaries. Could you guys come and teach her a lesson so we can see that?"


Of course we accepted, and while it was not my finest moment (give me a break, it was my 2nd day here and I was given appx. 30 seconds to prepare) it was cool because we were going to teach The Restoration, but after praying, we decided to teach her The Plan of Salvation. Later in the lesson we found out that she had a little brother die when she was about 7 years old and was looking for a way to mend her family back together, as things have never been the same. 

Little miracles :)