Monday, September 30, 2013

A New Investigator and Speaking in Sacrament Meeting

Hey there all! Life in Virginia never ceases to be a surprise. New things are always just around the river bend :)

Monday-- We went referral hunting from the members because we were out, and our plate isn't quite full yet, so of course we'd keep looking! However, looking is much more effective when somebody points in a direction for you to head in, I gotta say.

Tuesday-- We taught Bobbie about the importance of women in the church, and how we serve a very vital need in the church, even though we don't hold the priesthood. That's been a concern of hers--that women are 2nd class citizens in the church--so we decided to try and help clear that up for her. We were also able to coordinate our efforts with the new Relief Society President so now we plan to work a lot more closely with the women of the ward. 

Wednesday-- We found a very elect lady who is just super ready for us to teach her! We asked her what her religious background is, and she just replied, "I'm a mess!" Sweeter words have never been heard by a missionary, I'm telling you. We want people to teach who recognize that they haven't got it all--there's something more. Something more to feel, something more to do, something more to know. Wonderful, wonderful things to know, do, and feel :)

Thursday-- We taught a lot of our long-time investigators that like to move at a very...'comfortable' pace, haha. It's okay, though. While people are trying to learn, I just pray that they will pay heed to the Spirit. There's something there, and the fact of the matter is that that 'something' will always be there for them. It's just a matter of them realizing that they've got to move their own feet to learn more about it.

Friday-- We taught Bobbie how to have FHE with her family (her husband and granddaughters) and we just had a grand old time :) The gospel has this amazing way of pulling family ties closer and closer so that you can all support one another when one family member is weakened by something. 

Saturday-- We did service project with a smile all day! (The smile may or may not have been induced by the glory of being able to wear pants for the better part of the day.) We cleaned the pavilion at Back Creek Elementary and then we went to the animal shelter and fed all the animals. I felt like a Disney Princess, noooot gonna lie. There are deer and other critters there that will eat right out of your hand, and so of course the only feasible thing to do a that point was to start singing like Snow White. 

Sunday-- Sister Herring and I spoke in church, and it was super nerve-wracking! Bobbie's whole family came to church to hear us (Bobbie always comes, her family does NOT). Little miracles, one day at a time? Yes please :)

Love you all! Have a wonderful week and pray that all the little buggies out here trying to gobble me up will die in the cold :)

(Bit morbid way to end but it's true. They must be smitten down.) 

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